Monday, April 30, 2012

Real-Life Unit Rates: Grocery Store Ratios

Project Based Learning: Real Life Unit Rates

My 7th grade grade Pre-Algebra class will be doing a real-life application involving rates and unit-rates. For this “mini-project”, "Grocery Store Math Ratio”, students visit a grocery store and research grocery items in order to apply their knowledge of rates and unit rates. Students are then asked to plan a family dinner, listing menu items, and their costs. The last step is to determine the final cost of the meal. These types of projects allow students to use math in a way that they understand. We finish up the week with an introduction of proportions where students will apply the cross-product rule to determine the missing quantity in a proportion.

I will continue to post Khan Academy and other YouTube videos that I feel will be helpful for students to view on Ratios, Rates and Unit Rates and Proportions.

Here is the 7th grade agenda.
7th Grade Agenda: Week of April 30th

8th Grade: Surface Area:

My 8th grade Algebra Readiness class will finish up Chapter 10 this week with a chapter test on Three Dimensional Shapes. This week, students are continuing their learning on surface area, which for some can be challenging. Being able to visualize the three-dimensional shape, with the number of sides is the key to understanding how to calculate surface area. Following the simple step-by-step process of adding up each of the areas of the sides is how we approached the calculation of surface area in order for students to “see” how surface area is calculated; however, the use of the formula involving perimeter of the base is another way that we did not explore in class. Earlier this week I posted a You-Tube video on a triangular prism that is worth watching.

Here is the 8th grade agenda.
8th Grade Agenda

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